BareSkin "Go" Fitness Towel

BareSkin "Go" Fitness Towel

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The Bare Skin® advantage has multiple uses catering to all outdoor & indoor activities. You will never use a traditional cotton or microfiber towel again!

Testimonial: "I just bought the bareskin towel (I actually asked one of the people at ear bandit - sell me on something else -he told me about it) I bought it a couple weeks later and I LOVE it- it really does everything they claim .Our whole family LOVES it -thanks for sharing your insight with me ;)" -Michelle M.

1. Highly compact. This towel folds from 14" X 24" to a compact 3" X 5"!

2. Sand does not stick for beach use vs cotton, microfiber and PVA materials that grab sand.

3. Has natural antibacterial features and will not smell or get moldy unlike cotton, microfiber and PVA materials. Some PVA materials advise to wash their towels in ammonia to clean them-since they have to remain wet to stay supple.

4. “BARE SKIN” stays soft when wet or dry unlike the PVA materials that get stiff when dry.

5. “BARE SKIN” will absorb 3 times it weight in water and can wring out and continue to dry you off like a true chamois should. Microfiber and cotton saturates quickly and will not release water to continue to dry you off. Microfiber and cotton also take 2-3 times longer to dry as compared to the high grade synthetic chamois.

6. Dries 2 times faster than microfiber/PVA materials and 3 times faster than cotton towels.

7. “BARE SKIN” is “energy efficient” and lint free unlike cotton and some microfibers-therefore dryers can dry this fabric quickly with less energy used.

8. “BARE SKIN” Is soft and has a sueded hand. It continues to get softer with every wash.

The Bare Skin® towel is great for all sports including; swimming, the beach, boating, tennis, camping, hiking and adventure travel, divers, volleyball, working out, daily bath and spa.

14 X 24" "Go" Fitness Towel

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